Smart Nora – Anti Snoring No Contacts Solution for Frustration Free Sleeping

I am sure you have heard about Smart Nora; it is an innovative device that helps to cull all kinds of throaty snore sounds throughout the tenure of a supposedly “peaceful” sleep. But, if you don’t have the slightest notion about this product is, or what does it do actually, this review will help you to get acquainted with all those concerns in no time.

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xThe idea behind this write up is to assist you in getting peaceful sleep through an non-intrusive innovative device – and that too, without causing any health issues.

According to doctors, sleep is as important as food intake. If your body is not getting enough rest, your day-to-day activities will take the toll. Smart Nora was designed as a two-part product; there’s a small mouse like device, which is called the pebble, and there’s the inflatable pillow insert bag. Both these accessories work cohesively towards an anti snoring solution.
How Does It Work?

At its core, the “pebble” detects your snoring sounds while you are sleeping. If it gets too loud, the pebble directs the inflatable bag to fill up slowly. As a result, your head will move up to help the esophagus passage clear slowly. After a while, the bag deflates back to return to its original state. This process can and will repeat until the desired effect is achieved.

The most important benefit of Smart Nora is that it helps to address certain issues that have been baffling people for several years now.

  • Get rid of Anti Snore strips
  • Your partner will no longer get annoyed throughout the night over your loud snoring sounds
  • No need for physical exertion anymore. You can lie practically still in one position, and you wont even know that Nora is working underneath your pillow to keep those snoring sounds at bay!

Is There Anything Else You Need to Know about Smart Nora Anti Snoring Sleeping Solution?

There are a few things to know about Smart Nora, especially if you are a first time user. Although it is a well rounded product, I have seen a couple of people complain about Smart Nora not working as advertised. The truth is that it does work as they advertised about it, but you need to give the product some time to get adjusted to your sleep vs. snoring patterns.

Some users reportedly found the “gentle” movements to be a little unnerving. Obviously, it can wake you up in the middle of the night if something is moving under your pillow, but you will get used to it. The problem comes where users don’t realize that Smart Nora pebble has to be configured for optimal results.

By default, the pebble device is set to detect earliest signs of snoring at the lowest possible sound emission. However, no two sleepers are alike – some people snore louder than others. Therefore, you may need to significantly decrease or increase the sound detection levels for a satisfactory experience.
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Are There Any Alternatives to Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution?

I wouldn’t call them “alternatives” because they are more like add-on products that can significantly improve the overall comfort level for you and your partner. For instance, the market is brimming with makeshift solutions right now, such as eye patches, ear plugs for your partner and vice versa.

However, if I have to settle for something more durable, I’d say you need to try one of the following adjustable beds/ mattresses for a more rewarding experience. Some of the appended models might be a bit pricier for you, but when combined with Smart Nora, you are going to get by with a completely enjoyable sleep pattern for the rest of your natural born life! Cough cough… that’s an overstatement, ignore it


  • ECO PEDIC Metal Mesh Adjustable Electric Bed

For a little over $400, ECO PEDIC’s adjustable bed comes as a metallic frame that can be contoured as per your desired position. This bed accommodates two large size mattresses, or one XL sized mattress – i.e. if you are looking to sleep alone on one bed for some reason.

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The interesting highlight is the 6 button wired remote control. With this nifty little device you can alleviate the head area, foot area or mid torso section whenever needed. The bed was made as a budget friendly solution for people suffering from physical ailment or specific needs.
I’d also like to state that if you are a patient of GERD (Gastro-esophagus Reflux Disease), a temporary phenomenon where the patient experiences a sudden reflux of acidic content in the throat chamber during peek sleep hours, ECO PEDIC Metal Mesh Adjustable Bed can come quite handy. How so? Since GERD is a curable issue, doctors normally suggest that patients need to position their head at a higher level than the rest of the body.

Of course, if you are using Smart Nora, you can configure it to keep the pillow slide-in bag inflated for maximum amount of time. It is an alternative option, if you are not able to afford an electric adjustable bed.


  • Vivace Smarton Sweet Dreams Hypoallergenic & Electromagnetic Wave Safe Heating Mattress:

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Slightly expensive than ECO PEDIC Metal Mesh Adjustable Bed, Solco’s Vivace Smarton Sweet Dreams Hypoallergenic & Electromagnetic Wave Safe Heating Mattress comes as a comfy alternative to Smart Nora. You can also combine Smart Nora with this heating mattress pad for a rather more satisfactory experience – i.e. of you are not on a shoestring budget already.

At its core, Vivace Smarton comes as a premium level self-adjusting heating mattress pad. What it actually means is that you can set the bed/ mattress to retain its temperature levels that are uniquely proportional to your body temps. This way, you will no longer need to stick one leg out of the covers to retain that “sweet spot” during endless hours of sleeping marathons.

Since this product distributes temperature evenly over the total area of the mattress, it is safe to assume that you will be getting by with a safe n’ sound sleep. However, with deep sleep, the issue of snoring cannot be prevented. Smart Nora can help in this regard for as long as you and your partner are looking forward to relish on those sweet dream-like experience through the wee hours of the day.


  • Zero Gravity G-Force Split King Adjustable Bed

This bad boy comes as a king sized mattress duo with a staggering list of features for the ultimate sleep experience. However, be advised that the price can be an issue for budget conscious folks who cannot afford high-end beds easily.
‘Zero Gravity G-Force’ was made as a motorized solution for folks who are in need of adjustable beds. The shape can contour over a large degree of angles – hence allowing for maximum comfort. The company added two wireless remote controls for both partners at their respective sides of the bed. It means that if you and your partner cannot agree on a specific position, the beds can be adjusted at different angles simultaneously.

Top it all off with an 1800 thread count sheets set with the color of your choosing. They have also added bamboo memory foam pillows. The only setback with memory foam is that once it “remembers” a certain shape / head positioning, it is not easy to reset the pillow to its original state. The best way to deal with this “dilemma” is by not letting other people use stock supplied pillows which come with this bed.
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Closing Thoughts:

If peaceful snore free sleep is your top priority, I don’t think there’s anything better than Smart Nora Anti Snoring sleep solution. It is a well rounded product that was made by a snorer for those suffering from such issues.

You can, however, improvise by combining Smart Nora with a plethora of adjustable electric beds/ mattresses – it’s the only reason that I listed some of the models above for your ready reference. As a matter of fact, Amazon has got several such products lined up for consumers from all across the world wide web. For more details, you can check each individual product at the official manufacturer website, or share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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