Healthy Style of life Eat raw food Diet Lose weight

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Eat raw food
Lose weight

Dr. Craig Nossel, head of the Wellness at Discovery Vitality, once said, “The trick to making your lifestyle healthier is to make small healthy changes every day, such as taking the stairs instead of the lifts, increasing your fruit by one, drinking one extra glass of water or quitting smoking.” Researchers also said that unhealthy behavior like smoking, overindulgence in alcohol, and to avoid exercising, and not eating sufficient fruits and vegetables can decrease your life expectancy.
In this article, we are going to figure out some points, which will help you to create a sound lifestyle. Here will also illustrate the ins and outs of eating raw food along with some tricks to lose weight.

Healthy Style of life

We all know that health is wealth. To turn your health into wealth, we portrayed some lifestyle below:
• Prohibit eating too much:
Taking less food will assist you to live long. This habit also decreases the aging process. Because when you limit your calories, it lessens the production of thyroid hormone.
• Renounce smoking and lessen drinking alcohol:
Abdicating tobacco and dwindling drinking can be the best thing for your health and lifespan. Study shows- people who quit smoking by age 35 lived more 6 to 8 years. And overindulgence in drinking can increase your weight. Besides, it also can be harmful to your relationships. Only your willingness needs to kick those bad habits.
3. Take healthy foods especially fresh fruits and vegetables:
We always think that taking healthy foods means creating a diet chart. Instead eating various kinds of organic food can be beneficial to your health. Having enough fresh fruits and vegetables reduce the jeopardy of heart disease and breast cancer. Keep in mind that you need to limit your love for sugar and sweet too.
4. Emphasize on physical exercise:
Regular exercise like running, walking will create a positive effect on your metabolism, mind, and heart. It will also power up your deftness adding up to four years to your lifespan. Instead of s

ending an email or taking the lift, you may take a walk, it helps to relieve your boredom too.
5. Stay away from gadgets and TV:
In a study, published in 2010, we found that watching TV and passing time with gadgets for four or more hours a day, steps up the danger of heart disease by 11%. So turn off your TV and gadgets and pass some time with your friends and family. If you do so, loneliness will be away from you. Is not it good to know?

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Eat raw food

Natural Hygiene movement, held during the 1800s, is the mother of the raw food. According to the campaign,

unprocessed foods are cooked under 115 to 118 degrees F. We often think raw foodies mean only Lacto-vegetarian, though some of the raw foodies take uncooked fish and meat.
Experts say losing weight does not rely on what you eat; moreover, it relies on how you eat. Traditionally we cook food to protect our foods from parasites. If you want a healthy lifestyle, you will need to keep a significant amount of raw foods in your diet. We can classify raw foods in so many categories, which are given below:



We can classify vegetables in two categories. One is Staple vegetables and the

other is sea vegetables. You can use both the classes in milkshakes blended dressings, salads, and brot

hs. Besides we can

 eat them as a pickle. Here is a list of some vegetables:
Staple vegetables Sea Vegetables

Beets Dulse
Bell papers Kelp

Broccoli Unroasted Nori Sheets

Cucumber Arame

Onion Wakami

Peas Kelp Noodles


You can eat the fresh fruits or you can eat them by drying, dehydrating. Even you can drink fruit juice or fruit smoothies. Here is a list for fruits:
Staple Fruits Dried Fruits
Apple Raisins
Plum Goji berries
Cacao Nibs

Kernels and Nuts
Organic nuts and seeds are more useful. Using nuts and seeds in smoothies, ice-creams, gravy, and cheese will give you a different taste.

Nuts Grains Beans
Almonds Millet Lentils
Brazil Nuts Kamut Adzuki Beans
Chia Seeds Oat Mung Beans
Hazelnuts Wheat Germ Chickpeas
Sunflower Seed Wild Rice

Benefits of eating raw foods:

1. Provide a fresh mind
2. Provide healthy skin
3. Boost up bowel movements
4. Safeguard for sound sleep
5. Power up energy
6. Assist to loss Body fat

Some helpful information:

• Foods that come in a tin and marked with roasted, baked are not raw food
• Herbal tea is not a raw food
• Before taking raw food, be sure that you are not allergic to it


The Foods Standards Agency stated- eating different sorts of foods with at least five pieces of fruit and being a vegetarian a day is a balanced diet. They suggested eating two pieces of fish once a week and one piece will be oily.
Sorts of Diet:
Here we are giving a closer look at the types of diet that people all around the world pursue.
Raw Food Diet:
Raw food diet is completely a vegan diet. Here foodies only eat uncooked and unprocessed foods, includes plants and fungi. They do not even take eggs, dairy, aspic, and honey.
The Mediterranean Diet:
You can continue this diet for a long time effortlessly. In this type, diet enthusiast consumes fresh and non-processed food. In the Mediterranean diet, foodies can eat, olive oils, fish, and chicken.
The Blood Type Diet:
In this sorts of diet, you will personalize your diet chart based on your blood type. If your blood group is A, you need to stop having meats and abundant protein. In the case of type B blood, you need to avoid kernels, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and chicken. Type AB requires to avert alcohol, dried and cured meats as well as caffeine.
The Paleo Diet:
In the paleo diet, you will be able to consume fruits, cores, sweet potatoes, chickens, vegetables, eggs, fish and grass-fed meat. Avoid processed food, grains and sugar is the obligation for the paleo diet.
The Magnitude Of Diet:
• Developing your immune system Inhibits infections and ailments like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
• Diet assist you to control your weight.
• Alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety providing sound mind.
• Nourishes healthy skin and hair

Lose weight

Losing weight is a way to get a healthy life for overweight people. WHO estimated, in 2016, approximately 1.9 billion adults were weighty and among them, 650 million adults were suffering from obesity.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and WHO delineate overweight and obesity in respect to BMI(Body mass index). BMI is the proportion between a person’s weight in kilograms (kg) and person’s height in meters (m)squared.
For women BMI of 27.3% or more is recognized as overweight and for men, overweight is BMI of 27.8%. Besides, BMI of 30% is called obesity. People suffer from obesity and overweight due to the discrepancy between calories devoured and calories spend.
How to lose weight:
Taking a limited amount of sugar and starches reduces insulin level. And for this you will be less hungry; consequently you will lose your weight.
Make sure the absence of low-curb vegetables, protein food, and fat in your every meal set.
The most effective way to lose weight, besides limiting your appetite, is physical exercise. You can take cardio works out or resistance workouts like weightlifting.
To lose weight, you have to be persistent in maintaining your daily weight losing routine
Try to get a sound sleep every night. It will decrease the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.
Avoid drinks that contain sugar or carbohydrates like beer.
Consume fewer amounts of dairy products and nuts.
The significance of losing weight:
Losing weight declines the threat of diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, and cancer. Besides, it improves the level of cholesterol, mobility, etc
Losing weight will provide you with some lifestyle benefits like_
Sound sleep and sound
More energy and confidence
Better sex life and mental health


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