Era of the Beautiful Women is Self-Help as it Should Be

era of the beautiful women is self-help as it should be Era of the Beautiful Women is Self-Help as it Should Be A3B6EBE8 88A3 47F1 804A 374BED4F7C10 300x300Valerie Johnson’s Era of the Beautiful Women packs an impressive wallop in its short 47-page run. If you’re looking for the motivation to embrace natural beauty in all its forms with open arms, here is the self-help book you need. Era of the Beautiful Women is somewhat distinct from other motivational books, in that it utilizes one woman’s story to make its point, instead of relying on pithy advice and feel-good aphorisms.
The book focuses on the struggles of emerging author Samantha, a woman like any other, who learns to recover from the awful effects of artificial treatments, and goes natural instead. It’s an unusual approach, but works to great effect. Valerie Johnson has taken care to integrate natural beauty tips and resources within the story itself, which makes it easier for readers to retain information about hair care.
Available on Amazon, Era of the Beautiful Women is an enjoyable romp through Samantha’s life, one that allows the reader to walk side by side with her as she evolves into a more beautiful version of herself. Realizing she isn’t happy with her life at all, Samantha sheds the bad habits she adopted as she grew older. She gradually fixes her diet, and of course, her hair. In the process, she regains control over her own narrative as a beautiful woman.
The reader is helped to the same conclusions about beauty and health as Samantha. It helps that Valerie Johnson is neither too preachy nor too fantastical. Instead, she spins a yarn about an everyday woman with some wish-fulfillment elements thrown in. Setting parts of the story in Paris and London, and including a brief romance were smart moves as well – they keep the reader invested in the story, eager to know what will happen next to the girl who has come to represent their own story.
The story encourages readers to eschew the conventions of artificial beauty standards, and instead remain true to one’s own natural beauty. Yes, it sounds cheesy when spelled out like that, but Era of the Beautiful Women manages to walk that fine line between corny and genuinely thoughtful. It embraces the concept of becoming the best possible version of yourself through natural methods. It’s a quick study that’s thoroughly enjoyable, and manages to pass on some really smart natural beauty tips that are sure to make a difference in your life. At $5.99, this Kindle book is a total steal.

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Era of the Beautiful Women

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